Well I’ve been using the balance line and oil for about 5 months now and my hair has probably grown 5 inches or more! It’s hard to tell because my hair is so much more curly! I took this 1st picture was yesterday. Can you tell the difference? Lol unreal! I will never put another product in my hair again!

Molly M.

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I’m a hairstylist, at Phethean’s Salon in Sanger, TX, I have a bad receding hair line so I started using the men’s line and here are the results in 2 weeks. This product is Amazing!! It even took off 3 small age spots that was on my scalp!!

Peggy P.

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This is one of my favorite testimonials! This cancer survivor Wendi’s results with Monat! Our products are gentle and considered safe for cancer/chemo patients. Using before chemo helps to prepare the scalp and follicles for treatment, during chemo helps to maintain a healthy scalp. and after chemo to help the hair regrow faster and healthier.

Amy J.

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This is so amazing. 2 months using Monat he is pretty happy. Even after a fresh short hair cut.

Donna P.

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My husband LOVES the Men’s System! He has thinning hair on top and this is making a big difference for him! Thank you MONAT for the amazing products and for the life changing opportunity!

Anne Fisher

Market Partner from Blanchard, OK

REJUVENIQUE™ is the most luxe hair oil I have ever tried. It has every type of oil you could wish for, and feels like liquid gold.

My Beauty Bunny

Beauty & Fashion Blog

I am so in love with this oil after only one use. My hair has never been so soft and pretty! This oil is a must have! Not only can you use it on your hair but you can use it one your skin and nails! This oil will be replacing a lot of my hair care products. It’s that good!

Life With A Southern Girl

Beauty & Fashion Blog

I think I just hit the jackpot in the hair health lottery. MONAT’s REJUVENIQUE Oil Intensive treatment offers benefits that are astounding.

Jessica Gemma

Beauty & Fashion Blog

I am here to tell you that my hair is the best it has ever been!

Cherie Medberry-Overton

VIP Customer from Weston, WI

I absolutely love this stuff! I’ve noticed a significant difference in the strength and overall “healthiness” of my hair! It’s also helped my skin stay moisturized throughout this cold season!

Heather's Treasure

Beauty & Fashion Blog

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