Grow Your Hair Naturally with Natural Ingredients

Have you been noticing more than usual hair loss? You’re probably wondering if there are any natural hair growth solutions for your situation. The truth is, there are actually several natural hair products that can give you the results instead of chemicals that produce adverse effects. The majority of these hair growth solutions are simple and natural which promotes healthier and thicker hair. Going for natural hair growth solutions is an effective and healthy option and it even gives a great peace of mind knowing that you will be putting natural herbs into your hair rather than chemicals that are damaging. MONAT’s hair treatments are infused with beneficial and natural ingredients that have even been scientifically tested. Here are some of our favorite natural ingredients in to grow your hair.


This natural ingredient can be found in Procataline, a bio functional treatment that helps to maintain high level of antioxidants, ex vivo and limit cell death that causes hair loss. It is a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These vitamins are necessary in carrying oxygen to hair follicles to reduce shedding and slow hair growth. It slows down the rate of (DHT), a hormone that contributes to hair loss and also contains powerful antioxidants to combat premature thinning while protecting the color and shine of your hair.

MONAT scientists have shown Procataline actually helped boost the expression of enzymes and the hair follicle also appeared to be better preserved when exposed to UV irradiation. MONAT products with natural ingredient procataline have proven the below results.

Increased hair follicle strength by 35%.

Increased collagen by 76%, B vitamins such as folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 directly increasing follicle size

Created a healthy environment for hair renewal and growth.

Preserved hair follicle and structure

Preserved melanin in hair follicle


This ingredient found in MONAT products is great for preserving and maintaining your natural hair color. Usually, UV-B radiation is responsible for degrading the melanin, or pigment that gives our hair it’s color. Crodasorb works to protect hair color and act as a barrier against radiation. MONAT studies have also found that this ingredient helps for detangling when attempting to comb through either dry or wet hair. If you’re looking for a product that will provide the below benefits, try using products like MONAT that are rich in Crodasorb!

Hair manageability and color retention

Maintaining elasticity

Reduce brittleness of hair

Locks in moisture


When we think of healthy hair, visually we think of shiny lustrous hair. Many products out there claim to add shine and manageability to hair, but instead leave us with greasy strands. The rare Abyssinian oil native to central Africa is a natural shine enhancer and can even be used as a natural alternative to synthetic oils like silicones in hair products since it lubricates deep into the hair shaft and protects.

MONAT’s Rejuveniqe Oil is well-known for its shine boosting properties because of its main ingredient, Abyssinian oil that contains fatty acids. Abyssinian oil found in the Rejuveniqe treatment strengthens hair for resistance against hair breakage while grooming, and adds shine by 88% without leaving hair greasy especially for hair types like Mulatto and Caucasian hair.


Right from the very seeds of the African Adansonia tree, you will find Boabob oil. This exotic oil feels rich and silky, perfect for moisturizing the scalp. This oil is indeed rich in palmitic acid and Vitamin F necessary for healthy hair growth and a great natural conditioning ingredient.


MONAT conducted an experiment that included individuals from ages 30-46 who were suffering from hair loss. Each day for four months, the subjects applied capixyl ingredient and counted hair that was lost. Since hair grows about 0.3 mm/day, and non-growing hairs are inconsistent, lab tests that were successful showed an increase in growing hair count. Tests showed it improved hair loss at a fast rate. Below are some of the clinically proven benefits of Capixyl:

46% increase in growing hair density

70% increase in repair effect improving hair anchoring

48% decrease in DHT hormone that contributes to hair loss

Strong reduction in non-growing hair density


This gentle emollient works effortlessly to prevent scalp irritations, dandruff and is found in MONAT’s Capixl ingredient! Red clover extract can be used to strengthen and thicken hair all while hydrating the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth and reduce inflammation. After using this natural ingredient, you’ll find your hair is softer, voluminous and even shiny. Red Clover Extract is one of the special natural ingredients that help make the MOMAT Rejuveniqe oil treatment so amazing! Here are some of the great benefits of red clover extract:

Reduces hair loss

Clinical results show an improvement and increase in hair growth

Reduces scalp inflammation


There’s no wonder why this oil comes from a palm known as the “Tree of Life”. The fruit of this Moriche palm has ones of the world’s richest sources of beta-carotene perfect for hair nourishment and moisturizing. It’s sun protection properties also make it great sun damage shield. For smooth hair and reduce frizz, you’ll want your products to have Buriti oil. It may be a bit difficult to find, but luckily you will in the MONAT Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive.


Some call it the tea-seed oil, we call it heaven’s gift to hair hydration! The Japanese-Chinese Camelia oil cleanses that scalp and moisturizes dry stands of hair with vitamin E and polyphenols. This oil is instantly soaked in by the hair, creating a weightless shine that is great for dry, dull thin hair. It also helps to stimulate scalp circulation, and increase hair growth by preventing breakage and split ends.


This oil is rich in vitamin A which conditions the scalp and maintains. Carrot seed oil contains properties that strengthens the hair to prevent split ends and breakage. Because of the Alpha Linolenic acid it contains, carrot seed oil is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient for protection.


Hair loves omega 3 fatty acids! This tropical Tahitian oil helps to heal damaged hair and help increase growth directly from the hair shafts. Monoi is filled with vitamin E that aids in the elasticity of hair for stronger hair. If you want stronger, longer and healthier hair, you’ll be glad we use this oil in our products!


Its strange name comes from how similar the flowers look like white foam in a meadow. For weightless, shiny hair with moisture retention, meadowfoam oil is it! It’s another great source of omega 9 fatty acids that condition and eliminate frizz.


This ancient oil was cherished by the Egyptians due to its deep nourishing characteristics. Moringa oil’s antioxidants and vitamin E fight against skin fatigue while cleanses the scalp.

Natural Hair Products That Promote Hair Growth

Other natural hair growth solutions include the intake of the vital nutrients like vitamin A, which boosts cell and tissue growth all through the body. Sources for vitamin A include vegetables and fruits as well as fish oil, liver and eggs.  Hair vitamins for women can as well certainly be part of a great strategy for hair health, like the MONAT S3 Supplement. Taking a rich natural herbal supplement and using products with natural ingredient can give great results in hair rejuvenation. Although the majority of men and women experience hair loss owing to gender-specific hormonal difference, these organic herbal supplements will help to replenish depleted nutrients that led into dramatic hair loss.

When to Start Using Natural Hair Products

It is essential to begin your natural hair growth routines immediately as you notice your hair is falling out. The longer you wait, the more inactive your hair follicles become and the more difficult it would be to restore and rejuvenate your hair growth.

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