Natural Hair Products for Ethnic Hair

Different hair types and textures benefit from different types of hair products. Women with hair that is coarser, thick and curly can struggle with dryness, shrinkage and breakage. Even washing your hair more than once a week can over dry the hair, especially if you are using shampoo with sulfates. Understanding your hair type and what it needs is the key to properly caring for and embracing your natural hair.

Moisturizing Hair Products for Ethnic Hair

There are a number of different hair products that can keep your hair moisturized. Water-based moisturizers with aloe is great for curls! Moisturizing with coconut oils and butters is an essential part in your moisturizing routine. Focusing on the roosts and ends when applying your moisturizing products is the way to go. Applying oils before a wash can help to seal in moisture and prevent dryness.

Natural Hair Products for Ethnic Hair with Curly Hair

Tamed curls with shine and definition are truly gorgeous. Curly hair is especially prone to drying out, so making sure you are using curl friendly products can help you get those beautiful natural curls and coils. The main key to maintain hair for black women is to makes sure your hair is properly conditioned and moisturized.

Jojoba Oil

For curls that won’t get weighed down, jojoba oil will help to moisturize without leaving your hair greasy while adding shine and softness to the hair. This oil is mostly monosatured fats that are known to strengthen hair fibers and hydrate it. Jojoba oil is very friendly to dry scalp that black women may be frustrated with. Its antibacterial nature can relieve the scalp of dandruff and dryness. For women suffering from thinning hair, adding a bit of jojoba oil can help with creating more volume!

Shea Butter

The holy grail of conditioning. For dry, damaged and unruly hair, this product is easily absorbed by the scalp and penetrated deep into the roots. For black women with hair that has been recently colored, damaged by heat or relaxed, using shea butter will help to reverse the damaging effects. The best part about shea butter is that it doesn’t clog the pores on your scalp!

Olive Oil

This may be the most accessible oil, since most of us have it on our own kitchen. This natural ingredient works wonders for black women as it is made up of antioxidants that can prevent hair loss and penetrate the hair for a deep moisturizing feel.

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