Hair Loss

Since we lose up to 100 strands of hair each day, it is quite normal to experience some hair loss and shedding that you may notice in the shower or even on your hairbrush. In this case, there is no need to worry, especially since our hair grows a few inches each year. Hair loss can be contributed to a variety of reasons, and the most challenging part, is identifying the root cause of hair loss. Hair loss is androgenetic and usually has more drastic effects on men, but many women still suffer from hair loss and thinning.

MONAT is determined to make a difference in the lives of those suffering with hair loss.

Identifying the root cause of hair loss and thinning can help you to understand what methods you need to take to help prevent further hair loss.

Stress Management to prevent Hair LossStressful events, both physically and emotionally can contribute to hair loss and can be seen anytime between 3 – 6 months following the traumatic event. Stressful events like car accidents or even pregnancy can cause your hair growth cycle to return to its shedding process at a fast rate.  Fortunately, once you start feeling better, you will see improvement in hair growth.
Hormone Balance to Prevent Hair LossNormal life events like menopause can cause hair loss. Even conditions like Hypothyroidism where hormones necessary for growth and metabolism are lacked can affect hair growth. Women taking oral contraceptives may notice an increase in hair loss and thinning due to the interruption of normal hormonal balance as chemicals are released from the pills. To prevent further hair loss, it is recommended that women switch birth control brands.
Iron DeficiencyAnemia which is a lack of iron, affects almost 1 in 10 women, making it a common source for hair loss. Increasing your intake in iron through foods or iron supplements can help.
Protein DeficiencyProtein helps hair to grow, so it only makes sense that your body needs to be exposed to a diets with appropriate protein intake for hair growth. Foods like fish, chicken and eggs are all great foods to incorporate into your diet.
Hereditary Hair LossHair loss genetics can be passed down if you are from a family where hair loss occurs around a certain age. Both men and women can experience hair loss due to heredity. Men usually see a receding hair line, while women may notice wider parts in the scalp. In these cases, products with ingredients focused on the growth of hair have helped people to see improvement.

The most important step when discovering hair loss, is to act upon it before it becomes very noticeable.

There are a number of different ways to help improve hair loss and thinning, all you have to do is go and try it!

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