Routine to Grow Your Hair Naturally

We’ve all been disappointed by the amount of hope, time and money we have spent on products promising hair growth. Sometimes we are on the verge to finding the perfectly formulated products that we are deceived by products that not only fall short of hair growth promises, but also use products that are more damaging to the hair because of harsh chemicals that are present. Then comes the time when you decide that maybe the answer to our problems, are right in our kitchen, our gardens or growing in the earth. Making the decision to grow hair naturally takes patience, persistence and a dash of hope. The great thing about growing your hair naturally, is that it isn’t much of a risk. Growing hair naturally means you are only taking natural approaches, which is the safest route to go. There are many ways to grow your hair naturally, and staying away from harsh chemicals and bad hair practices. Here are some ways you can make sure you are treating your hair with kindness.

Treat Your Hair with Kindness

The first most important rule is to give out hair some TLC every now and again. We know how great your hair looks after using flat irons and other hot tools, but in the long run you are actually causing much more damage. Don’t sacrifice the overall health of your hair for one night of great hair, you’ll regret it. Taking hair for granted is one of the main reasons why people tend to overload on unsafe hair products and damaging styling tools.

Natural Hair Growth Cycle

Understanding the cycle of hair growth is eminent in protecting the hair on your head. Keratin is the protein in your hair that makes is strong and healthy. Once new hair is ready to come in, the follicle is pushed out and older hair is the length of the hair. Our hair has three main cycles, Growth, Maturing and Resting. As the follicle relaxes, hair is prone to falling out and breakage. Since we can’t tell what phase our hair is in, we have to make sure we are always being kind to our hair.

Cut Your Ends

Many people believe that if they don’t cut their hair, it will continue to be long. It may be long, but it won’t be healthy! Trimming away at the dead ends actually prevents further breakage. If you have hair with split ends, it can split up towards the shafts and break off longer pieces of hair. It is not uncommon to see severely split ends cause the hair to become shorter even during the growing phase. In order to maintain the health of your hair, trim your hair regularly and focus on how better your hair will be able to grow now that your split ends are gone!

Natural Oils

Hydrating your hair and putting back the moisture into your hair is a great step towards growing your hair naturally.  Shampooing too often can strip our hair of the natural oils needed for hair growth. As we age, hair loses its luster and bounce so it’s absolutely necessary we replenish our hair. That’s why hot oil treatments with natural oils can help your hair to absorb the protein and moisture it desperately needs. The MONAT Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive treatment is infused with natural oils that help give hair strength, moisture and shine. It’s also pure and lightweight so that strands can easily absorb the oils.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Hair Growth

The most natural and beneficial way to improve hair growth is by ensuring you are consuming all the right foods, and of course drinking plenty of water. If your body is being deprived of necessary nutrients and proteins, your body can’t properly support of maintain the growth of healthy hair and slows down the rate of hair growth. Below are some of the major diet essentials needed to promote hair growth naturally.

Vitamin B




Beta Carotene


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